Thank you in advance for purchasing an ambulance subscription. The money we receive from subscriptions is a major source of our basic operating funds.

We greatly appreciate all donations to the New Cumberland Fire Department but these should be made separately and do not cover the costs of providing our Basic Life Support ambulance service.

Clicking on the subscribe button below will take you to PayPal’s website where you will be able to subscribe and pay electronically.
Thank you!!

If you would like to download the Subscription form to mail-in please click here.



We are a fire department providing around-the-clock emergency medical care services to the residents of New Cumberland.

Our Basic Life Support ambulance is staffed by professional level, state-certified Emergency Medical Technicians.

To learn more about the history of the New Cumberland Fire Department and its members, please see the History and the Members page.


An ambulance subscription helps provide your volunteer ambulance with basic funding. It also ensures that you, and those that live with you, do not incur unexpected out of pocket expenses if you require medically necessary emergency ambulance services while in the Borough of New Cumberland.

The subscription is not an insurance product and this is not an offer for an insurance policy. It is not applicable to Medial Assitance recipients or uninsured individuals. It is not a contract for any services at any time; all services are subject to availbility and may be provided by mutual aid services when we are unavailble. We assume no responsibility for the charges from mutual aid services.

This program is subject to change without notice.


New Cumberland Borough residents are eligible to purchase subscriptions which includes unlimited medically necessary Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Life Support (ALS) emergency care and transport to the closest appropriate medical facility.

This also covers two responses for assistance at your residence that don’t result in you being transported. Each additional response will be billed at the rate of $100.

Please complete the online subscription form and submit it with your payment using the provided link.


We are required to seek reimbursement from your insurance company for services rendered as part of your insurance policy agreement. Most insurance plans do not cover 100% of the cost of ambulance service charges leaving you responsible to pay for the deductible and co-pay amounts.

Your subscription ensures that payments received from your insurance plan will be considered as payment in full.

You will not be personally responsible to pay any deductible or co-pay amounts. These amounts will be written off when the insurance payment is received, leaving you with no out of pocket expense.


Your subscription does not include additional mileage beyond the closest appropriate medical facility, any services that are not medically necessary, and non-emergency transports.

You will be billed for transportation beyond the closest appropriate medical facility and for any non-medically necessary services.

We don’t provide non-emergency transports. There are local ambulance transport services listed in the Yellow Pages who provide these services.


Non-subscribers are responsible for paying 100% of all BLS/ALS charges. We will bill your insurance and accept their payment but you will be responsible for paying all additional amounts.


Advanced Life Support services will be provided by paramedics of Fairview Township EMS, Inc.

If we are unable to respond to your medical emergency, service will be provided by one of our neighboring BLS/ALS services with which we have mutual aid agreements and which will honor your subscription.


Third party Billing is a program that provides reimbursement to hospitals, physicians, and ambulance services. The reimbursement is based on the service rendered to patients either in the hospital or before the patient reaches the hospital. Insurance companies and government programs may reimburse some portion of the ambulance charges.

As part of this, we submit claims to your insurer. This may result in a request for insurance information that looks like a bill but it is not. Please read it carefully and respond promptly with the requested information.

If your insurance company reimburses us or you for any portion of our claim, your subscription fee covers the rest for a medically necessary emergency transport.

If your insurance company sends you a check as payment for your ambulance service, you must endorse this check on the back
and mail it to: Ambulance Billing Company, PO Box 726, New Cumberland, PA 17070.

Their telephone number is 717-214-6018 and you may visit their website at:

If you cash the check from your insurance company, you have received money you are not entitled to and we will use legal processes to recover this money, along with the appropriate court costs.

Ambulance charges are a legal debt and all efforts will be made to collect any monies owed.


Please contact the New Cumberland Fire Department if you have questions about the EMS subscription.